This September edition of our monthly report provides details WIN current APR, drop amounts and our buyback and burn. We will also cover the additions to the platform, updates and provide you with all links to our recent posts that contain important information that was published during September 2020.

Monthly Drops and $WIN APR:

As our current users are aware WINk focuses on wealth redistribution with its users. The daily revenues generated from are shared amongst its token holders.

Holding $WIN token and freezing it under the windrops section of the platform, entitles you to a share of the revenues generated from ALL games played on Each subsection of wink pays a certain percentage to the WINDROP pool, which accumulates throughout a 24 hour period and then distributes the total amount of $TRX $BTT and $USDT once every 24 hours, to its frozen token holders. The APR for $WIN token for the month of August was 48% and the APR for $DICE and $LIVE tokens during the month under review were 72% and 190% respectively. The APRs are computed based on market prices on the first day of the month under review.

Here are the drop amounts for August vs September:

WINDROPS — $TRX earnings below are based on having 10 million WIN tokens frozen for the month.

August 2020: 1,680 TRX

September 2020: 1,370 TRX

DICE DROPS — $TRX earnings below are based on having 10,000 DICE tokens frozen for the month.

August 2020: 1,330 TRX

September 2020: 890 TRX

LIVE DROPS — $TRX earnings below are based on having 10,000 live tokens frozen for the month.

August 2020: 650 TRX

September 2020: 940 TRX

Token Listings:

During the month under review Live token was listed on and Dice token was also listed on Poloniex Exchange. The team continues to work to have WINk tokens listed on other exchanges to spread awareness about WINk.

DAU and Platform Traffic:

The DAU recorded in September was comparable with that of the previous month overall. In particular the Live sub-platform received marked increase in DAU partly because of the return of sporting events. This resulted in marked increase in APR for Live tokens.

New Games Additions, Events and Platform Development

WINk continued with its plan of providing the best possible options of game selections for its players by adding 46 new slots during the month under review. The slots added included slots from premium providers such as YGGDRASIL, PRAGMATIC and KALAMBA.

WINk organised a big community event with Testal Model 3 as the grand prize and IPhone 11 128G version as daily prizes. There were also TRX prizes for the event which was in three parts: Crazy Bonus, Leaderboard and Consecutive Sign-in. The entire event lasted 10 days, beginning on September 3rd and ending on September 13th.

During the month under review there was the alpha launch of a new Poker Software. This was well received by the community, particularly the poker players. The team continues to update and improve the Poker Software before its official launch.

WINk is very much aware that advertising is critical in achieving the objectives of the platform. For this reason ads of WINk continued to be displayed on Utorrent and Tronlink wallet. This exposes WINk to thousands of potential users on a daily basis. Furthermore, the CEO continued the Great Voyage AMA by holding AMA with the Poloniex Exchange English channel on Telegram. Again, there was a video podcast about WINk and Poloniex cooperation which was hosted by Poloniex. Also WINk started the process of recruiting a Sportsbook Promotion Manager. This is to give special focus on marking the sports betting sub-platform.

Buyback and Burn:

WINk team continued with the monthly buyback and burn and the figures for September are as follows:

The Buyback amount — None

The wager burn pool amount — 94,117,308.3942 WIN

Wager burn hash:


The combined total amount of $WIN burned for September is 94,117,308.3942 WIN

WINk also commenced its buyback and burn for sub-tokens. During the month under review a total of 740,870 Live and Dice tokens were burnt.

Dice token burn — 407,796

Hash: 4bb528a1627afaadf81ee7696b909014f9117948bdb06b108a0aa9ce096e8af0

Live token burn — 333,074

Hash: cf6862a0fc601593488f7f1db3eac15de466267b466ecade6e333fc3776f19d4

WINk Community Information:

WINk continued with its monthly AMA with its community by holding an AMA session of CEO Lucia Wong on September 28th, 2020.






WINk is a gaming platform for users to play, socialize, and stake across multiple blockchain ecosystems.

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WINk Foundation

WINk is a gaming platform for users to play, socialize, and stake across multiple blockchain ecosystems.