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5 min readMar 2, 2021

This January edition of our monthly report provides details on the current WIN APR, drop amounts, and our buyback and burn. We will also cover the new additions to the platform, updates and provide you with all links to our recent posts that contain all the important information that was published during January 2021.

Monthly Drops and $WIN APR:

As our users are aware, WINk focuses on wealth redistribution. The daily revenues generated from are shared amongst its token holders.

Holding the $WIN token and freezing it under the windrops section of the platform, entitles you to a share of the revenues generated from ALL games played on Each subsection of wink pays a certain percentage to the WINDROP pool, which accumulates throughout a 24 hour period and then distributes the total amount of $TRX, $BTT, and $USDT once every 24 hours to its frozen token holders. The APR for the $WIN token for the month of January was 64% and the APR for $DICE and $LIVE tokens during the month under review were 123% and 137% respectively. The APRs are computed based on market prices on the first day of the month.

Here are the drop amounts for December 2020 vs January 2021:

WINDROPS — $TRX earnings below are based on having 10 million WIN tokens frozen for the month.

December 2020: 870 TRX

January 2021: 1,170 TRX

DICE DROPS — $TRX earnings below are based on having 10,000 DICE tokens frozen for the month.

December 2020: 530 TRX

January 2021: 650 TRX

LIVE DROPS — $TRX earnings below are based on having 10,000 live tokens frozen for the month.

December 2020: 430 TRX

January 2021: 820 TRX

DAU and Platform Traffic:

The DAU recorded in January was slightly higher than that of the previous month overall. The DAU increase occurred on both the Dice and Live platforms, occasioned by the continuation of sporting events in December and the relative stability in the general cryptocurrency market.

New Game Additions, Events, and Platform Development

Wink continued with its plan of providing the best possible range of game selections for its players by adding 141 new slots during January. The slots added included slots from premium providers such as YGGDRASIL, PRAGMATIC, NOLIMIT CITY, and KALAMBA. The new additions also included games from two new premium providers, RED TIGER and BLUEPRINT GAMING.

WINk continued to roll out updates to its UI for both the PC and Mobile device versions. Apart from several optimizations, updates included the addition of a withdrawal log and an announcement notification button.

During January, WINk updated the circulating supply of the WIN token to 766,299,999,999. This is 77% of total supply. Furthermore, the withdrawal rules on the Live platform were updated. The update distinguished “Old accounts” from “New accounts”, with old accounts enjoying instantaneous withdrawals while ‘new accounts’ withdrawal is manually processed within 24 hours. This change was to improve user experience and enhance security.

In January 2021, following a community vote, there was a change to the drop payment schedules. This was done to synchronize drop payments and improve their efficiency. Under the new rules, 50% of accumulated drops are paid out once every 24 hours. During the month under review, the first quarter roadmap for Wink and Blink was released. The Team opted for a quarterly Roadmap to allow them the flexibility of changing priorities. This enables WINk to respond rapidly to new commercial opportunities and changes in the blockchain industry. Furthermore, WINk began the production of new tutorial videos to facilitate the on-boarding process of new members.

January 2021 also witnessed Blink being featured on the Binance Smart Chain Project Spotlight. Binance regularly features projects in the Binance Ecosystem, drawing the attention of its members to such projects. Also, Blink entered into cooperation with Soteria Mutual, a decentralized insurance provider, to offer insurance cover for all Blink smart contracts. Users can now buy insurance cover for their frozen BLK in the event of a smart contract hack leading to loss of funds. During January, a Spring Mining Event was organised for the Blink platform.

WINk is very much aware that advertising is critical in achieving the objectives of the platform. For this reason ads of WINk continue to be displayed on Utorrent. This exposes WINk to thousands of potential users on a daily basis. The production of new tutorial videos, as well as informative banners also complements marketing efforts.

Buyback and Burn:

The WINk team continued with the monthly buyback and burn and the figures for January are as follows:

The Buyback amount — None

Buyback burn hash:

The wager burn pool amount — 19,572,414 WIN

Wager burn hash: 91174e3457176233a083e53a20e9bebce28c59da6f2c9d3fdc2235da40e1b701

The combined total amount of $WIN burned for January is WIN

WINk also commenced its buyback and burn for sub-tokens. During the month under review a total of tokens were burnt. The associated transaction hash and the amount of Dice and Live tokens burnt are as follows:

Dice: 543,596

Transaction hash: 20d3741787ad3791652c7373a41c2026403b7fa716d9a96d3f1f3d904f196728

Live: 309,372

Transaction Hash: e4cb697ca454627816fea780754eca4db1ea7505c966a260de802f7096c5d4e8

WINk Community Information:

We feature the New Year’s message delivered by the CEO of WINk:

Hey, WINKsters as 2020 wraps to a close I wanted to take a quick moment to look back over the year and take a glimpse of what we can look forward to the year ahead.

First off I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a pretty tough year for the world.

While we certainly had our ups and downs at WINk, we’ve kept pushing to grow the platform. We became the first gaming platform to integrate with an exchange, allowing Poloniex users to play with any of the over 100 assets listed on the platform. We launched BLINK on our second blockchain, and began dividends for token holders on two blockchains. We have an incredibly strong base from which to grow from as we move into 2021. Our new UI has just launched and we will continue to add new features throughout the early part of the new year. With the support of our larger team, we are ready to adapt to whatever challenges the market throws at us and keep WINk at the forefront of the blockchain gaming industry.

For 2021 we’re going to continue to push hard to grow the value of our tokens. We have our NFT project partnership which will be another first in blockchain gaming. Our long-awaited Poker tournament will be kicking off which will bring lots of eyes to WINk.

This is all just scratching the surface, in many ways I view 2021 as the beginning for WINk. So I’d like to end by thanking the whole of the WINk community. Your passion and dedication to WINk is such an important part in what we do. As we move into 2021 we’ll be working extra hard to reward that support and make WINK the greatest blockchain gaming platform it can be.

On behalf of the WINk team, Happy New Year and here’s to an amazing 2021!








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