WINk Monthly Report

  • Our CEO Julia posted a community update on the 7th of May, which covered some very important topics. Mainly the new UI information and the current circulating supply of WIN. This Update confirmed that the total current circulating supply of $WIN is now 313,607,571,387 WIN you can read the breakdown of the circulating supply using the following link:
  • Our operations manager spent some time with us in early May to answer any questions the community had following the release of the community update from Julia, She covered some important topics such as: Why WINk are implementing a new UI, What is of importance to the WINk team, The reason’s WINk frequently feature giveaways on social media. As well as questions concerning potential partnerships the team are approaching and more. If you would like to catch up on these sessions they are all available to view in our WINk news telegram channel using the following link —
  • WINk were mentioned and reviewed on’ bestbitcoincasino’ This month you can check out the review using the following link —
  • Our new UI beta link was released on the 30th of May on our current website for our users to explore. We were met with a wave of extremely helpful and constructive feedback regarding it. Thanks to this we were very quickly able to learn exactly what the community did and did not want. We took down the link shortly after posting and with the help of our community moderators gathered and sent all the relevant feedback to the developers and design team. They began work straight away on changing the design and we want to thank the WINksters for their valuable input.



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WINk Foundation

WINk Foundation


WINk is a gaming platform for users to play, socialize, and stake across multiple blockchain ecosystems.