May 2020

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Our May monthly report will provide details of WIN current APR, Mining prices for sub tokens, drop amounts and our buyback and burn. We will also cover the additions to the platform, updates and provide you with all links to our recent posts that contain important information that was published during May.

Monthly drops and $WIN APR -

As our current users are aware WINk focuses on wealth redistribution with its users. The daily revenues generated from are shared amongst its token holders.

Holding $WIN token and freezing it under the WINdrops section of the platform, entitles you to a share of the revenues generated from ALL games played on Each subsection of wink pays a certain percentage to the WINDROP pool, which accumulates throughout a 24 hour period and then distributes the total amount of $TRX $BTT and $USDT once every 24 hours, to its frozen token holders. The current APR for $WIN token for the month of May is 25%

Here are the drop amounts for May vs April

WIN DROPS — $TRX earnings below are based on having 10 million WIN tokens frozen for the month.

April 2020: 1,850 TRX

May 2020: 1,292 TRX

DICE DROPS — $TRX earnings below are based on having 10,000 DICE tokens frozen for the month.

April 2020: 1,610 TRX

May 2020: 1,306 TRX

LIVE DROPS — $TRX earnings below are based on having 10,000 live tokens frozen for the month.

April 2020: 1,360 TRX

May 2020: 767 TRX

Live and Dice tokens cannot currently be purchased and are awarded for playing the games under their own sections of the website, which is referred to by our players as “mining”. Below is the current expected mining cost of the sub tokens.

The current expected mining cost for DICE is — 7.5 trx per dice

The current expected mining cost for LIVE is — 4.53 trx per live

DAU and platform traffic -

As shown in the figures above, May has had a lower APR% than previous months. This is due to some fantastic win’s from our players. The most notable Win in May was scooped up by ‘Prosperous’ and was worth a cool 10 million TRX! Our Egaming section also boasted some big winners during May, with millions of TRX won playing our DICE, MOON and RING games. Despite APR% being lower our DAU count actually gradually increased during May and Volume remained healthy.

New game additions and growth of LIVE platform -

Our weekly BigWINK Twitter Competition continued throughout May, as did our Super Slots Friday promotion — where we offer players a 2x LIVE token mining bonus on our newly added slot games every Friday. Throughout this month we have added a total of 50 new slot games and welcomed 2 new providers, BetSoft and Playson, to the WINk platform bringing more choice for our players and more industry leading names to our casino. Our sportsbook had some maintenance performed on it towards the back end of May, with some minor changes to layout and functionality. Sports book is now re-enabled and working well, just in time for the world sporting events resuming. Our LIVE platform is an important part of the WINk platform, we are constantly reviewing and observing it. As many of our players are aware we temporarily removed the live withdrawals during the month of May and this was to install a new Risk Management plan. We include the update posted on second of June here for you, as we feel it is important for our users to read and to give you a full explanation regarding the withdrawal problems experienced towards the end of May.

🚨 Live Security update 🚨

Dear Winksters,

One of the most important topics that our team has to deal with daily is Security. Security in centralized games tends to be quite challenging, especially on a long platform that allows instant withdrawals and one that showcases games from a host of different providers. Our team has to monitor the results of the games and bets constantly and this takes up a huge amount of time. As a result of this and to ensure the security of your Drops and Funds, our team has now introduced a Risk Management system to our LIVE platform.

For security reasons, we will not be sharing the details of how our system works, what specifically triggers it or what is considered “suspicious activity” however we will share some basic information to reduce the risk for our genuine players -

• Please refrain from playing live from multiple wallets

• WINk reserves the right to check large wins and in some circumstances they will be checked by the LIVE team before you are able to withdraw.

• Multiple wallet bets on sports are not allowed and we advise against you attempting to place multiple bets as your wallets will be suspended.

There will be times when players who haven’t tried to abuse the system, find themselves in a situation that triggers the risk management and where their funds are removed from your account to be manually reviewed by our support Team and LIVE partners. We assure you if this happens and you are a genuine player then your funds will be returned to you after the review is complete.

We do apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause and we do request any player who is unable to withdraw or has his funds removed from his balance to contact our support directly. Our support team will be ready and available to help and we will do our best to get your funds returned to you as quickly as possible.

We want our LIVE section to be the number one online crypto currency casino available, not just a competitor to other online casinos. To achieve this goal a risk management strategy is a necessity and I’m sure with that in mind you can understand our reasons for implementing this on WINk. We Thank you for your understanding and support once again WINkster’s this is still the beginning of our journey and we will continue to improve, learn and grow so that we can deliver the best platform to our users

Team WINk

Binarium Official Launch -

The WINk team were extremely happy to Officially relaunch Binarium on the 30th of May, alongside a 2x mining event to celebrate its launch. Binarium is WINK’s very own Binary Options Trading platform. It can be found under the LIVE section and is available for you to place bets up to the value of 10,000 TRX a time on the outcomes of the market. Binarium offers fiat currency, crypto currency and goods trading options. It has some fantastic features including ‘Turbo’ trading, where you can place bets using 1 minute charts or ‘Binary Option’ where you can bet on 5 minutes to 24 hours.

Buyback and Burn -

WINk team continued with the monthly buyback and burn and the figures for April are as follows:

The Buyback amount — 48,401,626 WIN

Buyback burn hash:

The wager burn pool amount — 54,496,991 WIN

Wager burn hash:

The combined total amount of $WIN burned for April — 102,898,617 WIN


Social media presence and growth -

We have continued to increase our numbers across social media, we currently have over 30,000 Twitter followers and our telegram room increased by over 2,000 members. We organised multiple twitter giveaways throughout May, with the chance to win some fantastic prizes including $TRX $WIN and $USDT.

We were extremely proud to hear in May, that WINk was the most mentioned new crypto currency on Twitter for the month of April and want to thank our community for keeping our name out there and helping to increase our exposure.

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We will be continuing with giveaways to both introduce new players and reward our current players for using the WINk platform.

WINk community information -

  • Our CEO Julia posted a community update on the 7th of May, which covered some very important topics. Mainly the new UI information and the current circulating supply of WIN. This Update confirmed that the total current circulating supply of $WIN is now 313,607,571,387 WIN you can read the breakdown of the circulating supply using the following link:
  • Our operations manager spent some time with us in early May to answer any questions the community had following the release of the community update from Julia, She covered some important topics such as: Why WINk are implementing a new UI, What is of importance to the WINk team, The reason’s WINk frequently feature giveaways on social media. As well as questions concerning potential partnerships the team are approaching and more. If you would like to catch up on these sessions they are all available to view in our WINk news telegram channel using the following link —
  • WINk were mentioned and reviewed on’ bestbitcoincasino’ This month you can check out the review using the following link —
  • Our new UI beta link was released on the 30th of May on our current website for our users to explore. We were met with a wave of extremely helpful and constructive feedback regarding it. Thanks to this we were very quickly able to learn exactly what the community did and did not want. We took down the link shortly after posting and with the help of our community moderators gathered and sent all the relevant feedback to the developers and design team. They began work straight away on changing the design and we want to thank the WINksters for their valuable input.





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