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Covering January and February 2020

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As we enter into March, we would like to update you with what the WINk team has achieved over the last month. As this is our first monthly report we will also include some information from January to provide a more well-rounded evaluation, as well as update you on the progress made so far with the elements listed in Quarter one.

Q1 of the roadmap is largely about building and preparing for growth. We are constantly watching how the platform is performing and over the last month, we have made quite a few changes. Some changes have been obvious whilst others have not. You may notice that across the course of the next 12 months, that the games under our LIVE section do and will change. Whenever changes like this are made they are always done in the best interest of our players and token holders.

LIVE, Slots Friday, new games, new providers:

We have added the live Deal or no deal game from evolution gaming to which is now available under the gameshow Live dealer section. We will also continue to add new slot games every Friday, which is being dubbed as ‘Slots Friday’. This is proving very popular with our players and has also led to us doing the #BigWINk weekly giveaway on twitter, where our players can share their big wins on social media to be in with the chance of winning a prize and also encourages participation for players outside of telegram and the website chat function. We have a wide range of games available to us and releasing them on a weekly basis is a great way to introduce our current player base to different styles of casino gaming. This also allows us to understand our player’s preferences. By using our data and feedback from the community, we are able to add quality content that we know our players will love. WINk will have the best selection of games available in the DAPP casino space. From the last two weeks of February especially, we have gathered enough feedback to ensure we release the best gaming providers to you all before the end of Q1. We are under negotiation with various game providers at the moment and We have spoken to the popular slots provider Platipus. We are working with them to bring all your favourite games back to WINk! Bison trail, Magic mirror, Jade Valley and more will all be back on your favourite DAPP and we look forward to this happening.

Roadmap and planned changes to Sports betting:

It has been a busy month for us, Beginning with the release of our roadmap which was published on the 31st of January. We were happy to be able to release virtual racing and virtual sports betting just 10 days after publishing the roadmap. We followed the feedback closely from users and our sportsbook team’s data and are happy to report that virtual racing was a success and proved popular with players and provides a healthy profit margin. We are working closely with our sportsbook partners to enhance our users' experience and the developers are working on integrating multi-currency betting on sports and implementing a free bet system that we can further use to promote the product. This traditional sports betting bonus scheme will help grow our user base and provide a feature that will help bring in new customers to WINk. We are happy to report that in the month of January, our sports betting had a new player increase of nearly 7% with February showing we are retaining these users. We will continue to promote our sports betting options and create aggressive marketing campaigns for the biggest sporting events throughout the year.

Justin Sun Binance AMA:

On Wednesday the 12th of February, Justin Sun did an AMA about WINk in the Binance telegram room. This was a very successful event for us and led to 1487 brand new multi-currency account signups for WINk. Given the current average user base across casino DAPPs, this is a significant number. Spreading the word across social platforms, that have large numbers of users has proved so far the most successful way to promote WINk, to current cryptocurrency users and we will be promoting within large cryptocurrency communities over the coming months. This includes marketing on high traffic cryptocurrency websites, to improve awareness of WINK platform and WIN token.


On the subject of growth, we have noted significant increases in our social platforms.WINk’s Twitter following has increased from 22,500 followers to 26,500 gaining 4000 new followers in just 28 days. This is an incredible number and we are monitoring our content closely to ensure we are sharing information that our users and potential new users will interact with. WINk telegram finally surged over the 12,000 user mark in February and the moderators have reported an increase in activity and questions involving signing up, freezing tokens and playing our platform. We hope to increase the telegram numbers to around 13,500 by the end of March and continue to grow beyond that. We believe telegram is a very helpful tool that gives us first-hand insight into how the platform is performing and thank our users and players for making that possible. The team has now opened a new official announcement and news channel for our user’s This is something that has been needed and we feel it will help with the flow of communications between the team and the community.

Exchange listing and Poloniex wallet integration:

In other news, WINk was listed on yet another major exchange. On February 13th $WIN was listed for trading on Poloniex. With this announcement came what was arguably the biggest news of the entire month for The WINk team have successfully negotiated with Poloniex, to have the Poloniex wallet directly accessible to players on the WINk platform. This is one of the things that our development team is concentrating on currently. This wallet integration means that players can play on WINk using any currency they wish, that is available in their Poloniex account. Poloniex and WINk being partnered in this way opens up opportunities for us to begin mass marketing, way before the expected time frame given in the roadmap. More details on how the wallet integration will be beneficial to the users and the platform will be given in the next two months.

Community news:

Also in February came the release of the community-made WINk music video —

‘Let me tell you about WINk’ was created by Imredryan, who did a really great job. The premier was watched by the WINk team and We love how creative and talented people in the WINk community are. The community got behind Ryan’s video and we saw so much support towards Ryan, this just goes to show that the WINk community are one of the best communities in the whole crypto space and we appreciate them so much.

Buyback and burn:

WINk team continued with the monthly buyback and burn. The Buyback amount was 478,965,413 WIN and wager burn pool was 46,305,131 WIN. The combined amount for February was 525,270,544 $WIN.

Burn pool hash-

Buyback hash -


The team has been working hard to improve support and will continue to expand their support team in the future. We have now solved 95% of the historical tickets that were outstanding and will work to make sure the support waiting times are reduced to give our players a better experience when using WINk.

WINk news:

We are very proud to have been recognized and named alongside these other great companies, as one of the most active and impactful blockchain companies from 2019–2020 in the coin telegraph article — we hope the hard work that goes into WINk continues to be noticed and that this is the first of many future articles for us.

User interface & Mass marketing:

As we continue through March, we will be concentrating on the new UI. The design is now close to completion, meaning that when our new site is ready and we have Poloniex wallet integration we will be able to begin mass marketing long before the expected Q4 timeline from our roadmap. We are looking very much forward to our business, community, user base and team numbers growing. To be able to bring you the best version of WINk.

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