WINk Launches Blink (WINk on Binance Smart Chain)

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4 min readNov 16, 2020


It’s been a long time coming but we’re excited to finally announce the project we’ve all been working so hard on for the last few months and that the community has been so eagerly waiting for. On Wednesday the 18th of November, WINk will launch BLINk. Without further ado we’ll break down some of the key details.

What is BLINk?

BLINk is a partnership between WINk and Binance community. Together we’ve created a brand new gaming platform running entirely on the Binance Smart Chain. The platform will enable BNB holders to start using their tokens to experience the excitement of daily gaming and wealth redistribution that WINksters on Tron have been enjoying for over two years. The new platform is the beginning of an exciting new era for WINk and the first step on our journey to becoming a true multi-chain gaming platform.

Why create a new platform on a new chain?

As WINk has grown we’ve added the ability to play with many different coins. Our partnership with Poloniex has opened up the platform to over 100 digital assets. No other blockchain casino has such a broad scope of tokens to play with. In spite of this many cryptocurrency users remain loyal to a small number of coins and prefer to keep their tokens within their chain’s ecosystems. By creating a new platform on BSC we’ll be able to introduce WINk to a part of the market that we would have otherwise been unable to reach. As our expansion continues and we begin to add further gaming DApps, the opportunity to access multiple independent markets will encourage more developers to build on WINk.

Benefits for WIN/DICE & LIVE holders

In short the benefit for existing token holders is simple; revenue from multiple chains. 50% of the revenue from the BLINk platform will be sent to the WINk drop pools in the following amounts: WIN 60%, DICE 20% & LIVE 20%. While we anticipate some crossover between users of the two platforms, by and large they will be operating in separate markets. Revenue sharing on multiple chains strengthens the value proposition for our token holders and will only increase as both Tron and BSC grow their user base. As this model is replicated on further chains the value for token holders will grow with each new chain.

Why BSC?

Binance Smart Chain maintains high performance. It offers low latency and high throughput for a large user base. With one second block times, 1 confirmation finality and low fees, the chain is ideal for a high volumes gaming platform such as WINk. Binance community has supported WINk since its inception. WIN was the first gaming IEO to launch on their launchpad. Blink will be the first large-scale DApp to launch on BSC. It will showcase the chain’s potential to DApp developers as a serious competitor and cement WINK’s position as the Number one Gaming platform in the Blockchain space.

Blink Token

We wanted to do things slightly differently with WINk on Binance Smart Chain. Rather than replicate the multiple tokens available on WINk, instead we’ve opted for a single token; BLINk (BLK). We want people to be able to invest in the token without having to be a gambler but also want to keep the behavioural mining element that has proved so popular for players.

BLK Max Supply: 999,999,999

Token: BEP20

PancakeSwap, Bakery & Bounce

There are a number of projects on BSC that have proved extremely popular and have a large number of users. PancakeSwap, Bakery Swap and Bounce Finance will all receive a BLK token allocation. With some of the most active communities on BSC, by supporting these projects we hope to encourage their users to experience the fun Blink has to offer and ultimately increase the revenue for the platform and BLK / WINk token holders alike.

The BLK token will raise BNB on PancakeSwap and Bakery Swap by way of LPD and by sealed bid auctions on Bounce on November 20.

Token Distribution

Mining (Including Genesis Mining) 30%

Ecosystem Support 20%

Binance Gaming Developer Support 15%

Team 15%

Initial Dex Offering 20%


To start with BLINk will launch with just Dice but over time we plan to launch the full suite of games currently on WINk. Eventually, we’ll reach a point where new launches are rolled out simultaneously on both platforms. All people need to do to take part in the initial mining is to play on BLINk with BNB.


One of WINk’s greatest strengths is its community. Over the past two years, the WINksters have proved themselves to be passionate and active stakeholders and have played a key part in our growth. To use a music analogy the WINKsters really are the Fifth Beatle. Through BLINk we hope to grow that community further and look forward to welcoming BLK holders into the family. It’s going to be an exciting time for all of the WINk community as we begin our journey of introducing more digital asset owners to the incredible potential of WINK’s wealth redistribution model.

WINk is constantly striving for ways to grow the value proposition of its tokens. The launch onto multiple chains is really just the beginning. With lots more news over the coming months it’s going to be an exciting time for all our holders!

Blink will launch on Wednesday 18th November on the Binance Smart Chain!



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