WINk Establishes Strategic Partnership with Poloniex to Upgrade Itself to a Blockchain-based Entertainment Complex

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Today on August 18, WINk established a strategic partnership with Poloniex, a world-leading digital asset exchange, working together on asset integration, asset security, account-sharing, and more. WINk will leverage the top-tier asset security and account system of Poloniex to accelerate its upgrade towards a blockchain-based entertainment complex.

With this ground-breaking strategic partnership, Poloniex will lend its leading-edge technology to WINk enabling its users to enjoy unparalleled asset security. The integration will make WINk the first-ever blockchain-based entertainment platform to support over 100 digital assets, and direct millions of potential players to WINk, and fast-tracking it’s already impressive growth.

Poloniex is one of the oldest digital asset exchanges and is widely popular with users for its technical strength and security. The partnership with WINk is an exciting move for the time-honored exchange to expand its strategic landscape. Fully leveraging the dual nature of digital assets, namely for transaction and usage, Poloniex also reaches out to the DApp field. Thus, Poloniex users will be able to enjoy the blockchain-based entertainment provided by WINk, along with a cutting edge trading experience.

Poloniex head of product Edward Lee said, “ We have faith in WINk’s potential. It arguably represents the best mix of blockchain and entertainment in the industry. The Poloniex engineering team has worked incredibly hard to make the partnership possible. This partnership is an unprecedented one. A first of its kind, and with no ready experience to draw on, all we can do is to explore. For over two months, both sides have spared no effort to bring about the exciting results we see today. The partnership is of great significance to not only Poloniex and WINk, but also the entire industry, as it predicts a redefinition of the boundary between digital asset exchanges and blockchain-based entertainment. The whole industry stands to benefit.”

Rooted in the TRON ecosystem, WINk (formerly known as TRONBet) has evolved into one of the leading DApp platforms since its launch on October 14, 2018. From 2020 onwards, WINk will embark on upgrading itself from a TRON-based entertainment platform to a comprehensive multi-platform entertainment project, powered by blockchain.

Founded in 2014, Poloniex is a world-leading digital asset trading platform registered in Seychelles. Since its establishment, Poloniex has won the trust of users with its secure and efficient services and has long been sitting among the world’s top three exchanges by its real trading volume. Its unique TrollBox system offers users superior trading experiences. Poloniex’s vision is to reshape the global trust system by enabling trading in every corner of the world and liberating value to flow freely worldwide.

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WINk is a gaming platform for users to play, socialize, and stake across multiple blockchain ecosystems.

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