WINk Daily Report, August 7th

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  1. The new poker system is integrating the Poloniex wallet and is in internal testing. Necessary adjustments are being made.
  2. The Sports Football Carnival Event goes live as scheduled with 500,000 TRX in total as a prize. Take part in now to grab your prize!
  3. Exchanges have agreed to stop airdropping WIN to TRX holders. Announcements are being made.
  4. We are still perfecting and discussing the big promotion plan with Poloniex for the wallet integration which is due to start in the middle of August.
  5. WINk CEO Lucia has finished the AMA in the TRX Whale Group.
  6. The team is constantly working on resolving the backlog of Customer service tickets. We have to inform the community that players that have been blacklisted due to cheating are still submitting tickets and for this reason we haven’t been able to close all tickets. Genuine tickets continue to be resolved swiftly.
  7. We are communicating with Zendesk to improve the customer support experience.

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WINk is a gaming platform for users to play, socialize, and stake across multiple blockchain ecosystems.

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