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13 min readFeb 9, 2020

5th February 2020

Here is a summary of the WINk AMA that took place in Telegram on Wednesday the 5th of February. All questions were chosen from a selection that were asked by the users and the community. If you missed this and would like to participate in our next AMA, please make sure to join the WINk Telegram room so you don’t miss any announcements and information regarding future AMA’s.

Question 1

Bex: Let’s start with a topic that’s down for completion in Q2 with a couple of extras thrown in

Bex — [Forwarded from The Tipsy Giraffe]

UI & Account System:

Will there be an improved account system for the whole WINK platform? Non crypto users will have a much easier time adopting things that have similar workflows to traditional account systems.

Ideally as a new user I would go to the site and see ‘create new account’. From there see my account options: create email linked account, download tronlink, etc

Also each account should enable universal access to the platform. I shouldn’t need new credentials to access LIVE from DICE

Any feedback on how a more streamlined account creation workflow would be appreciated

Julia I know the community does care a lot about the UI and Account system. Yes, of course, that is what we all want for WINk. New users and general online casino users are definitely not familiar with the way we currently work. We have the facilities currently within LIVE to set up an account as you would on a normal casino, by providing your email address to make an account using multi-currency as LIVE is wink’s casino partner that is the reason for this being available, of course, we recognize that making crypto mainstream and easy to use is one of the biggest obstacles every business in cryptocurrency faces and when we have a new user interface having an easy way to sign up and a more simplified sequence of steps is one of the main things we want to incorporate.

Julia And with the new account system and UI, we can work together with more partners, including Binance, Poloniex, DLive, BTT and other Tron ecosystem. Once the UI and account system is ready, we will start the mass promotion with Tron ecosystem projects, which I think will bring a lot of new players for us.

Bex: They definitely do, this is good to know. The new UI will solve a lot of current problems I believe

Julia We are working with the new UI and account system now. As you can see in the new roadmap, we will finish that within Q2.

Bex: That’s great Thank You Julia!

Question 2

Bex: Let’s move on to the next question, iv picked a bit more of a difficult one here

Bex- [Forwarded from Jo Mars]

It s not acceptable that 3 times a week one of the drops is not paid because of system problem. People will lose faith if it continue like that. At the time of tronbet( old team) that was never happening.

1) can you tell us why now this is happening so many times

2) what is done in the background to stop that

3) do you have 100% confidence in your dev team? Can you share their background

4) do you plan to hire more senior smart contract/ crypto dev?

5) can you give us more info on the drops that will happen for win holder to compensate the problem

Julia At first, I do want to start the answer to this with an apology. I understand that those issues during that week were frustrating for all of you. This happened because of the DDOS attack the site suffered, it caused an issue on our end that meant the dice drop paid later that the windrop. This was noted and examined by our development team who I am happy to say have now fixed the problem. We have taken the necessary steps to make sure this doesn’t happen again all of the drops were paid correctly by the time of the next windrop on these occasions.

Yes, we have 100% confidence in our developers who are all knowledgeable and skilled we will be expanding our team throughout Q1 as the roadmap shows and this will indeed include hiring more developers. We have a development team of 12 people with Iric as the leader, who is an expert in the industry. I will invite him to take part in the next AMA to share more development progress with the community.

The windrop we spoke of on Telegram has been discussed and will happen in the next two weeks and we will release more details nearer the time. We use it to express our apology for the inconvenience it brought.

Bex: Thank you for settling that Julia, the apology I am sure will also go a long way. I have had the pleasure of speaking with a few of the team's developers recently and I think it would be fantastic to invite the lead dev to the next AMA. The wink community are fans of knowing what’s going on especially when it comes to development

Julia Yeah. That is my plan too. And we have closed 30 tickets today. I will invite Iric to join us for the next AMA.

Bex: This is a long one, but one I think covers lots of different things

Question 3


1. Are Games Providers stated in roadmap going to have their own tokens that feed to WIN drop pool? Define these Games Providers to us. Kindly not define in a broad manner.

2. The huge supply of WIN not in circulation now is a huge concern for WIN holders. If these WIN that are not in circulation have no other use in near term for gameplay (natural burn) apart from attracting potential partners for hopefully the Dapps Store vision, please reduce the and burn some of these non-circulating WIN.

Please look into the model of reverse stock split aka stock or token consolidation. Kindly consider to have all WIN (circulating and non-circulating) consolidated at a ratio of 100 to 1.

So the total supply can be reduced “aesthetically” for potential new investors. 999 billion total supply can become 9.99 billion.

3. There is no point to use half the monthly profits to do buyback and burn. The profits are better used to improve the infrastructure of WINk platform. We need WIN management team to have your interests better aligned with WIN holders. You may want to consider to remunerate the team with incentives by giving them WIN tokens.

Julia The games providers in the roadmap, means we aim to bring on at least 2–3 new gaming providers every quarter, when we say providers are referring to providers with the biggest followings and most popular games such as evolution with their monopoly live game. We want to be able to offer our players as many options as possible and winks partnerships team are and will be in the future contacting them, to make sure we can bring you the biggest and most importantly highest quality casino games the business has to offer. They will not have their own token and will be under the LIVE section of wink

Your suggestion regarding the circulating supply sounds good. We will seriously take it into consideration. And your suggestion is greatly appreciated.

Your third point I find very interesting we are still learning the community preferences and were under the impression the buyback and burn were welcomed by all. However, after reading this I think revisiting this topic might be a good idea as we are very determined to make sure the WINcommunity are given the opportunity to put ideas like this forward — @Bexbexsta maybe you can open this topic up for discussion afterward and make a file on the feedback so the team can discuss other options if there are ones that are preferred over the buyback and burn.

Bex: I would love to get some feedback on that yes, having something that can reduce the supply is always gonna be welcomed by winksters, I can count on that being a hot topic for us to discuss so if there is a preferred way over a buy back and burn these guys will find it

Question 4

Bex — [Forwarded from Mylkiway]

Why was the old team replaced by the new team? Are there anybody left from the old team?

Julia When the swap from tronbet to wink occurred it became evident quickly to us all that the scale of time and resources that wink needed, would require a much bigger workforce than Tronbet had. This meant hiring more staff for everything ranging from development to promotions/marketing, customer service through to the more specialized positions like budgeting, product teams and of course a new CEO the question really is why these new people had to be hired, the simple answer is because tronbet was changing and what we wanted wink to become would also require change and opportunity to free up time for the old team to be able to use their time more innovatively and work on new thing, without the restraints they experienced before this.

Wink leaving behind its previous identity was hard for many we know, we know that the rebrand has been a long process but we are very much at the end of that now and things are getting better every day. The old team are still with us and working on something bigger and I know you have seen Soon come into telegram a few times and we notice how much you value his opinions as do we, Soon is working on something I know that will benefit all dapps including wink and is doing a brilliant job for the ecosystem.

Soon is one of my best friends. I learned from him that WINk is such a great community.

Bex: That’s a really good answer Thank you I have seen first hand how quickly you guys are building your team up and how fast it’s growing. I’m looking forward to the future

Bex: Ok, so this is a good one to follow with as it centres more around you and your team

Question 5

Bex — [Forwarded from Zz]

what is the dream and vision for the new team?

Julia The dream is to build on the solid foundations we have and continue with the vision of wealth redistribution and holding on to that position of number 1 DAPP on the TRON network. By adding more partners and bringing in more income for WINdrops, we also want to add new exciting games to DICE that we are working on planning and developing at the moment. They will be ready within the coming months, we want to be able to gain trust and add stability to the platform and show consistency with our executions.

Bex: Dice is gonna get some love?? this is great news. And good to see the adding of new partners is still forefront as well

Question 6

Bex — [Forwarded from SavageDee]

Hi team and @Bexbexsta many of us have expressed our feeling about how win token holders should be rewarded as an incentive to hold our win tokens instead of trading them. Does the team have any plans to incentives win holders to freeze their tokens for long periods beside the divs. For an example if you lock your win for × period of time you will be getting ×% as an airdrop.

Many of us feel somewhat cheated when we did not get the win that was promised in the original paper and instead only live holders got a huge drop.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated 🙏

Julia In short the answer is yes — airdrops may seem like the easy way to incentivize and the team plan to implement something a little more, shall we say, specialized than that. We have outlined in the roadmap in Q2 we will be introducing a brand new reward and loyalty system. This will cover a loyalty system for win holders as well as our platform players. WIN is the platform token and it should be showcased as it deserves to be.

And regarding the new reward and loyalty program, if you have any ideas, please message me or the admins. All ideas are greatly welcomed.

Bex: [In reply to Julia] So.. the loyalty system in Q2 is also going to centre around WIN token holders?

Julia We will definitely take WIN token holders into consideration.

Question 7

Bex — [Forwarded from The Tipsy Giraffe]

LIVE withdrawal limit:

When will the live withdrawal limit be lifted? I think we all understand the need for a platform wide limit but something as small as 8mm TRX can be hit on a normal betting day. Days like Super Bowl Sunday mean users could have funds locked up for days. This platform is marketed on instant withdrawals and this current limit severely undermines this.

Also if the current limit is here to stay I think it will be important to implement a ticker or graphic which shows the user where we are at in terms of withdrawals for the day. That way we are informed and the process is transparent


Yes, we are working forward to the limit removal by adding a more tailored solution so there is better security in the future — which in turn will limit the risk of an exploit re occurring, exploits cost us more than just money, they also cost us our players enjoyment. Which we take very seriously. We are a still a new concept in this space and being one of the first to do something like wink is doing means we are also the first to come up with a solution to combat these things, we may not always get it right the first time but we will always learn, improve and grow from things like this.

The current withdrawal message is being updated to be clearer to our users, we understand the current wording does not convey the correct message and we are changing it to reduce confusion until we implement a better solution. This will all be done by the time the new UI is in place in Q2.


It’s great to see the real care for the players here. The limit is extremely annoying for a lot of people as you are obviously aware. Looking forward to having a better system in place

Question 8

The ‘elusive’ mass marketing! Great question here

Bex — [Forwarded from Kyle]

Can you elaborate on what mass marketing actually entails? It’s likely to have the biggest impact on the success of the platform, but with it continually getting pushed it’s starting to look like there isn’t a real plan in place.


We have multiple plans for mass marketing, forming partnerships with Sports Organization in the future is the obvious marketing avenue for most online casinos, which is a route we will definitely be exploring. Having a new sign up process that requires an email address is important for mass marketing, so referring to the above question of making it easier to sign up and use wink, providing an email address will be key. Of course, paid advertisement across all relevant online outlets both crypto and gambling/gaming and physical advertisement in the countries that have our largest customer user base. And we will also work with influencers and reach an agreement with the top 15 currencies communities as we will support the top 15 currencies betting on our platform. And reach an agreement with some offline casinos. All This will be pushed back until we have more licenses and the platform is bug-free and has the new UI and loyalty plans in place, mass marketing will be a massive push and things need to be perfect before we do this.

Question 9

Bex — [Forwarded from cS]

1. Any info when platipus slots will be back?

2. Are there short term plans to reduce/capping the poker rake?

3. Are there still plans for the games mentioned in the white paper or are these off the table ?


Yes, we are talking with Platipus to add their slots back on LIVE. Discussion with some of the games are ongoing gaming is still important to us, we will add more information to the roadmap in the coming months about gaming and RAKE we know rake requires a lot of work to be up to the standard we want. We want to make this happen in Q3 of course but reducing the rake percentage is something we can do before then.


Good to hear about RAKE I’m not a poker player myself but see a lot of discussion around the percentage so this will be a well received change Julia

Question 10

Bex — [Forwarded from Andrew Carpenter]

AMA Question: When Dice and Live are listed, will we be able to use them as Currency to play games?


According to the new roadmap, we will list DICE and LIVE within Q2. As they are the two sub tokens that will be tradeable, being able to play games with them I think would be a good idea.

Question 11


Who runs wink, who is the team and how long has the team been working together?


Ha yes I see there has been a lot of confusion about this let’s cover it now. As the CEO it is myself that runs wink, I oversee everything happening on the platform and make all final decisions, Angel is winks manager she leads her team to run the day to day running of the platform and manages the internal teams such as marketing, support, operations, and partnerships. And we have a 12- person developers team with Iric as the technology leader, who will join us in the next AMA. Each team has its own person running it as well all of which report back to Me. We will continue to grow in this way and will be hiring more staff throughout Q1 to make sure our business thrives. The support we feel is still lacking and we are working on improving the support service. At first, I do have many things to deal with every day. But I will try to engage more in the community.

Bex: Happy to see you are aware support needs expanding

As I said I have had the pleasure of working with some of winks different teams and find it incredible how fast you have all found your feet

Julia But I have one thing to share now. You will see some 🔥 news within two weeks

That is all about today’s AMA. We have released the new Roadmap. And as the new roadmap as a guide, we will work our best to bring the greatest WINk. WINk deserves the best as it has the best community ever. Love you all, WINKsters.



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