May 7th 2020

Hello WINksters. We would like to take this opportunity to update you all on the progress regarding the new UI and to answer the other questions we are seeing frequently being asked in Telegram.

The new UI has been delayed and not released in April as previously stated. The reason for the delay is because we had decided that we wanted to release the new website when it had the Poloniex wallet integrated and multi-currency drops enabled. However, this decision has caused a time delay. This delay is due to the Poloniex wallet integration being customized to WINk, it is now apparent to the WINk team that it will take much longer for the Poloniex and WINk developers to finish the development work together than we originally anticipated and for this, we apologize. However, following the large amount of feedback we have received from the community to get the website released, we have now decided we will release the new website first without Poloniex integration as we can see that the new UI is extremely important to our users. We will now release this towards the back end of May alongside a new Dice/Live game developed in house, by us. We want to bring original content to WINk and bring games that other DAPPS do not currently have. To do this we have to keep our cards close to us and cannot give more details about the games we are developing until they are ready for launch. We have included a sneak peek for you here to give you an idea as to what we are working towards and look forward to telling you more in the near future.

Following this, the Poloniex wallet integration and multi-currency drops will then be enabled and we will launch the new website version 1.0.2 and begin to proceed with mass marketing. In order to increase the value of sub tokens, the listing of sub tokens will follow mass marketing. We cannot provide you with an exact date for listing until we have one ourselves and this date has not been decided as of yet.

Circulating supply -

Please see the attached information relating to the current circulating supply. The supply has followed the release schedule provided to users at WIN token launch. However, we have not claimed unnecessary funds and have stopped certain portions being released into the circulating supply.

  • Public sale 5%: 49,950,000,000.00 WIN

Please note the following sections are the amounts that would be in the circulating supply based on the supply release schedule, however, their sections have not been claimed and are not yet in circulation:

  • Gaming Partnership 5.4% : 53,946,000,000.00 WIN

This brings the total current circulating supply to 313,607,571,387 WIN

We have notified Coinmarketcap and are negotiating with them to have the circulating supply corrected and we will update the numbers on Tronscan and the website over the next week.

Why are new dapps having Poloniex wallet integration and we still don’t?

The Poloniex wallet will be customized for the WINk website. Therefore it will require much development work from the Poloniex side, as well as WINk’s. This integration will take time. The biggest challenge we have is security. This is paramount and something that must be perfected for the integration. Any flaw can lead to a potential breach of security and at no point will either side rush this partnership and risk the security of either platform or its users.

Are Wink devs working on other dapps and not exclusively on Wink? If answer is no, why they are delivering so slowly?

No, Wink developers are working solely on Wink. We understand it will appear that delivery is slow to our users. Unfortunately, not everything is straightforward and things happen that require urgent developer attention. Many of these things the players do not see as they occur on the backend. There is no reason to release statements about these things as it is the developers' jobs to be there to maintain and fix any issues that do occur. However, there are times that maintenance interrupts things that are ongoing in terms of new development and things that cannot be ignored. Such as the bugs that they are working on rectifying, tickets which are submitted that require developers' attention, any problems internally that occur on LIVE. Such as manual withdrawals requested by players and queries into not receiving the correct amount of mined tokens. All of these things our developers deal with quite regularly and this takes time away from the UI, Poloniex integration, multi-currency completion, DICE game development. However, those are the four things we are focused on right now and will bring them to you as soon as they are ready.

Will the team take the right decision to reduce this high supply of Win? Why it takes so much time to tell the current circulating supply?

No, the supply will not be changed any time soon, but it is something we plan on discussing internally in the future.

Regarding the circulating supply, we are under negotiation with coinmarketcap. It really takes some time to finish the update which is why it has not been changed publicly for everyone to see. You will be able to see the current circulating supply when CMC finishes the update. The reason why Tronscan is not updated is that we have to keep the data consistent and coincide with both coinmarketcap and tronscan. As stated above we can now let you know that the circulating supply will be 313,607,571,387 WIN by the end of May.

Will mass marketing be really a mass marketing or just the team will be more active on Twitter?

Mass marketing will mean WINk is marketed to the masses within the cryptocurrency and online gambling communities. Being active across social media platforms is an important factor for any business. But to answer your question no, being more active on twitter is not what mass marketing is. WINK’s mass marketing will involve many different aspects including sponsorships, partnerships, and relevant online advertising all of which we work on getting ready and in place for when the platform is ready.

Do you plan to add more value to the platform or we will get only just one egame a year and 5 slots a week.

Yes, of course, the growth of the platform is of great importance to us. To increase the value we must increase our content and continue to add to the LIVE, DICE, and RAKE subcategories. We currently add between 10–20 new games every week to the LIVE casino. The games in the photos shown earlier that are being worked on, we hope to release alongside the new website. However, all these timelines are dependent on many other factors such as how much time the developers need to focus on support, maintenance, and any bugs that occur on WINk. There are 2 additional E-games that the developers will resume working on after the new UI, Poloniex wallet, and multi-currency are all finished. We have also very recently added Binary Options Trading to WINk, something that was planned for much later in the year on the roadmap. This was added to the site for testing on Wednesday the 26th of April and the WINk developers are working closely with the Binarium developers to bring the game for you all very soon.

For Poker, we know it has great potential to increase the value of the platform and has definitely not been forgotten. After the multi-currencies drops are enabled, we will start the development and promotion of Poker. With more players will come higher RAKEdrops, which we believe will help increase both the value of the platform and WIN token.

Do the team really buyback from the market for the burn, or they just burn from the supply that is still not in circulation or from the airdrop for trx holders?

Yes, the team really buys back WIN tokens on the exchanges that WIN is listed on such as Poloniex and Binance.

Further to this point. Please just pick an exact date and let us know. End of June is all well and good but why not be exact for something that is easy to be exact with. So question: Can you please release an exact date for listing of Dice and Live (this shouldn’t be difficult to do)?

We cannot release the date for listing as the detailed time is not settled yet. When it is we will inform the community in advance. The end of June is communicated as that is the end of Q2 and that is the timeline given in the roadmap.

Is the new ownership just riding this out as long as it is profitable for them to at this point with no intention of developing anything?

No, absolutely not. The new development is ongoing for WINk. We are working on new games for DICE and approaching potential partners to go under LIVE regularly as well as working on our own exclusive games. New partners and games take a substantial amount of time to complete. We have to make sure that every possible new addition to WINk will fit with the new UI and are able to be used with multi-currency. Not all games are optimized to be used with cryptocurrency, another stumbling block we find ourselves hitting often. We work very hard to overcome this though and will always continue to add and search for the next big thing that we can bring to WINk. We believe binary options trading will be a fantastic addition — which as mentioned will happen very soon. Nothing will be on WINk until it is perfect.

Can we stop the false promises in the AMA’s and just say something true for a change?

There are no false promises made in our AMA’s. We answer all users' questions with honesty. If timelines are not hit then we will apologize and work hard to make sure we continue with our plans and get them released to you at the nearest opportunity.

Is there actually a CEO ? If so can you explain what that person has been doing for months now?

Yes, I am WINk’s CEO. It is my job to oversee everything that happens on the platform. Everything is reported back to me by the operations managers and all major discussions require internal meetings so every aspect can be looked over closely. We are negotiating with partners, exploring potential projects and partners whenever the opportunity presents itself. Do not doubt that we are aware of every issue the platform has, the problem is that they cannot all be fixed simultaneously and some of them will take a lot more time than others. I am currently in negotiations with some big corporations and look forward to sharing the outcomes with you all.

Although we would like to, we cannot answer every question you have. A lot of work that we are doing at the moment will stay with us until it is ready for release or until we have a definite date and agreement in terms of partnerships. We will continue to work with support to get the current backlog of tickets cleared and I will be following up with the developers more closely over the next few weeks, regarding the recent bugs and all other issues mentioned in the AMA room. I know our team works hard but the fact is we must work harder, your feedback is extremely important to us and we understand there are frustrations due to lack of communication. I will meet with the support and moderator team about this so we can discuss between us how to improve communication, so the community is better informed. We will also not let it get to the stage of needing an AMA release to answer these questions again and will provide our admins and moderators with answers in due course as they are and will continue to be the main point of contact for the community.

The entire team sincerely thank our users for their patience and understanding. We really do look forward to what is to come for us in the future.




WINk is a gaming platform for users to play, socialize, and stake across multiple blockchain ecosystems.

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WINk is a gaming platform for users to play, socialize, and stake across multiple blockchain ecosystems.