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There’s an old saying in the gambling world that “the house always wins”. Casino’s are highly profitable for a reason. The odds are stacked in their favour. Through the innovative use of blockchain technology the decentralized casino WINk has managed to turn that saying on its head. The house still wins but now so does the player.

House Vs The Player

The relationship between casinos and players has traditionally been a one way street. Brick and mortar casinos offer players free stays and food and drink to keep them playing for longer. The longer they play the more the casino wins. Online casinos lure players with sign up bonuses, cashback and loyalty schemes to keep people playing but still with the idea that players are there to be milked.

WINk has revolutionized its relationship with its customers and through its revenue sharing model has turned players from cash cows into cash partners. Through gambling, players earn a stake in the casino and receive daily dividends in multiple currencies. The ultimate WIN WIN business model and it’s going down a storm.

Revenue Sharing

For those new to blockchain the decentralized revenue sharing model can appear confusing but it has the potential to transform not only online gambling but potentially all industries.

The easiest way to explain it is to consider a traditional site such as Betfair which has separate loyalty schemes for each of its platforms. You earn points based on how much you spend which either earns you discounts on commission or cashback. Where WINk differs is that playing on each section of the site earns you tokens which in turn earn you a daily share of the platform’s future revenue. Everyday, without fail, forever.

The more you play the more tokens you earn. Even a losing session on WINk, results in the player walking away owning a small part of the platform. Nobody likes losing at a Casino but with this model even after a loss there’s the comfort that you’ll start to earn this back the very next day. WINk shares a whopping 65% of its daily revenue with it’s token holders. This is a phenomenal percentage compared to the negligible amount that most online casinos spend on bonuses and cashback with the ultimate aim of taking it back again from the player.

Every day at the same time the daily profits are shared with the token holders and arrive in their wallet. Players receive daily dividends in three separate currencies; TRX, BTT and USDT and can then choose to spend, invest or gamble their daily earnings however they see fit. For many WINk players and token holders the first thing they’ll do after waking up is to check their daily dividend. Players effectively become the house owning their own slice of an online casino.

Until recently this wouldn’t have even been possible. The costs of managing such a scheme would have been so prohibitive both cost wise and from an administrative point of view that it would have been impossible to implement. Through the invention of the blockchain and smart contracts this can now happen automatically at negligible cost.

How it works / Daily Drops

WINk has four tokens. WIN the main flagship token and the three sub tokens; DIce, Live and Rake.

WINk is made up of three separate DApps. Dice, consisting of onchain games of chance. Permissionless and provably fair that anyone with a tron wallet can play. Live, the casino section with slots, table games and sports betting that requires some registration to play and Rake the online poker platform.

Each section has its own token which you mine through play and each section has its own drop pool so you can see in full transparency how much the DApp has made so far that day. At a set time every day the pool pays out to token holders with the lion’s share going to the sub token holders and a percentage feeding into the overall WIN Pool.

WINk’s flagship token WIN cannot be mined, it can only be purchased on exchanges. It was the first gaming IEO to launch on the notoriously selective Binance Launchpad.

What’s in it for WINk?

WINk takes it’s share directly from the drop pools everyday, the larger the pool the larger their share. According to Dapp Review WINk was the most popular DApp in 2019 turning over in excess of 2.8 Billion Dollars. In reality the amount was much higher than this as the Live section of the site only records deposits and withdrawals.

To the outsider it may appear that WINk is needlessly giving away profits but by sharing revenue with its players it is effectively building an army of casino owners with a vested interest in its success. WINk has an incredibly strong community as a result. It’s more than loyalty it’s ownership. As a result and despite being the most popular DApp since 2018 WINk has still not spent a cent on marketing.

Poloniex Integration

One of WINK’s biggest innovations has been through its recent partnership and integration with the long standing cryptocurrency exchange, Poloniex. The integration is a first in it’s kind for the industry. Poloniex users can log directly into WINk with their Poloniex Wallet and play with any of the over 100 digital assets listed. In return players will be able to exchange their winnings on Poloniex. As the exchange lists new assets they will simultaneously be available to use on WINk.

While there are lots of cryptocurrency casinos in the market there are none with such a broad range of playable assets or with access to the massive liquidity of a mainstream cryptocurrency exchange such as Poloniex.

What does this mean for WINk’s token holders? Well firstly more players, more assets and ultimately: bigger drops. The USP for the player is clear. Faced with the choice of playing at a casino that offers you nothing, or one that, whether you win or lose, you walk out owning a piece of. Surely there can only be one winner.

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