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WINk has been doing well since its IEO at Binance and its token, WIN, is going strong. Yet we have found a confusing situation in that a token also called WIN (WIN Token) is being traded at OKEx, so to protect the interest of our investors, we, the WINk Foundation declares that:

  1. WIN, the token of WINk, is a TRC 20 token on TRON and you may find its smart contract at; note that our address starts with the letter T, instead of 0x which indicates an ERC20 token;
  2. WIN is now traded at Binance, KuCoin,, IDAX, BigONE, GGBTC, TRXMarket and TRON Trade, but not at OKEx; for the detailed and updated list, please see
  3. If you want to learn about the progress of WINk and how to trade it, please follow us on Twitter ( or Medium (

Our dear investors, please make sure that the one across the table is really us lest your interest or faith be hurt.

WINk Foundation

19 August, 2019


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自WINk(WIN)完成币安Binance的IEO以来,WINk项目顺利发展,WIN代币的市场表现也十分强劲。WINk项目方也注意到,当前在OKEx交易所也有名为“WIN”(WIN Token)的代币正在交易,对于投资者造成了困扰,为确保投资者的权益,WINk Foundation在此声明如下:

  1. WINk项目代币WIN是基于波场TRON公链的TRC 20标准代币,智能合约地址为: ;充值地址开头为字母“T”,而非基于以太坊ERC20的代币,即充值地址开头为“0x”的代币;
  2. WINk(WIN)当前上线交易所为币安Binance、KuCoin、、IDAX、BigONE、GGBTC、TRXMarket与TRON Trade,相关详细信息如下:,该信息将随着交易市场的增多而实时更新,OKEx交易所上线的WIN(WIN Token)并不是WINk的代币;
  3. 关于WINk项目进展和市场交易信息,请关注WINk的官方推特:,以及官方Medium:,并以此为准。

WINk Foundation再次提醒各位投资者注意甄别,确保自身权益不受伤害。

WINk Foundation


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WINk is a gaming platform for users to play, socialize, and stake across multiple blockchain ecosystems.

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