How to Play WINk Games with BNB

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3 min readDec 18, 2019

How to Play WINk Games with BNB

This document will explain how to get your BNB onto the WINk platform.

1) Go to and click on LIVE casino.

2) Click on your LIVE wallet in the column on the left. This is where you would normally recharge TRX for use in LIVE Casino.

3) Click on Return to WINk account to create your multi currency wallet.

4) Click on Register and then create your account.

5) After creating a username and complex password, enter an email address and click Send to have a code sent to your email. Enter the code within the time given and click Register.

6) Once you have successfully registered a username and password use it to login to your LIVE wallet. Clicking Send here will open the captcha. Prove you are not a robot by typing the letters and then click Login.

7) When you have logged into your wallet it should look something like this. Now you are ready to deposit BNB. Click mBNB and then click Recharge.

8) You are now able to copy your address or use the QR code to deposit BNB from your BNB wallet. Make sure to also get your unique BNB MEMO code. Make sure you deposit a minimum of 0.05BNB

9) Enter the address and BNB MEMO code in Binance. Click submit. Make sure you deposit a minimum of 0.05BNB

10) When the transaction is confirmed you will then have mBNB in your LIVE wallet. You can now go play!

11) Click on LIVE, Click Game Show, Click Monopoly Live for example.

12) Choose your bet amount and place your chosen amount on the option you think the wheel will land on.

13) If the monopoly wheel stops on one of the options you placed your bet, then you multiply your bet by the amount specified. Landing on either 2 rolls or 4.

Now enjoy your WINk games with $BNB!



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