Daily Report, September 15

  1. Live Token is listed and Whitelisted on JustSwap.
  2. Dice will be listed on Poloniex soon.
  3. 6 new enjoyable slots launched.
  4. Pre-launch testing and optimization of WINk’s new POKER Alpha version.
  5. Preparation for the WINk’s new POKER Alpha version launch announcement.
  6. Tron browser adds V to Dice and Live.
  7. Tesla and iPhone 11 winners of the Tesla Events announced.
  8. Front-end development for paying USDT/DICE drops.
  9. In order to better promote the user experience and conversion rate through the Poloniex account system, we are developing the Poloniex guide page, which is already 90% complete.
  10. Added Live Token on Dice and Mines games.