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Dear WINksters!

The Tesla event has come to an end. it was an exciting and amazing time, which we were happy to share with you together.

We want to thank all the participants and congratulate our winners from the bottom of our hearts.
Our main prize Tesla car and well-deserved victory was received by:


Congratulations to our main winner!

Also, we want to congratulate the winners of our daily competition. Each of them will receive an iPhone 11.

2020/9/3 THPck….HNT8E
2020/9/4 TEKVd….geo1v
2020/9/5 THPck….HNT8E
2020/9/6 TTmE9….rHcRW
2020/9/7 THPck….HNT8E
2020/9/8 TEKVd….geo1v
2020/9/9 TEKVd….geo1v
2020/9/10 TLQcy….f5oqG
2020/9/11 TTee3….kNEnj
2020/9/12 TCW1T….1oV1F

Thank you so much for staying with us WINksters. In the future, we will bring even more interesting and more exciting events.
Dream big with WINk!

Winners of the OVERALL and DAILY leaderboards must contact to register for a physical prize rewards redemption.

If the winners do not need a physical prize, they can contact to exchange for the same amount of USDT or TRX rewards.

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