Announcement on WINk’s halt to airdrops targeting TRX holders

Since the launch of WINk’s predecessor TRONBet (WINk) on October 14,2018.Thanks to TRON’s comprehensive, convenient, and efficient ecosystem, WINk was able to grow alongside TRON and evolved into one of the top-level DApp platforms in a short period of time.

To show our gratitude, WINk conducted a series of airdrops targeting TRX holders since August 28,2019, and has done 12 airdrops in the total value of 21,879,000,000 WIN.

As we continue to grow, WINk upgraded from a TRON-based entertainment platform to a trans-ecosystem, blockchain-based, consolidated entertainment platform. This strategic upgrade will lift WINk to a bigger stage with a brighter future, but it will also bring about more responsibility and higher-quality products. In order to improve compliance and make our platform more regulation-friendly, as of today, WINk will halt its WIN airdrops targeting TRX holders, and these assets will be used for upscaling the team and rewarding WINk users.

We will continue to march forward hand in hand with TRON. With a bigger stage, there will be a bigger show.

Dream big with WINk!

WINk Foundation
August 19,2020

WINk is a gaming platform for users to play, socialize, and stake across multiple blockchain ecosystems.