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Dear Mazer Gaming,

Thank you for your well thought out story, we see that you have put a lot of time into this. But we were surprised that you told a fictional story without all the facts. So we are happy to fill in the facts for you.

You approached us several times and asked us to be a sponsor, and we finally agreed. You then asked us to strongarm IGG as you believed that the token you released with them is not going as well as you liked. Either way we agree to sponsor your team because we believe that you had a team with great potential.

You asked us to post a twitter message to hopefully increase the value of your token. We then told you that you shouldn’t schill a token just for schilling and that the token needs to have substance. After days of explaining you finally agreed, although it was evident that you continued to only want to schill for your own gain.

We then told you that we can send out a tweet if you get your jerseys ready, and that this will be needed to move forward with the contract. You then photoshopped a few images and we asked for the jerseys to be actually made and not just a few photoshopped images. You were extremely reluctant but we continued to wait.

Your manager then constantly asked to launch a new token on TRX Market. We discussed with you that launching a new token without any use cases is not worth it and will be bad for the whole industry. You then mentioned that you will have most of the tokens in your hands so you will be able to market make and do all sorts of manipulation. We disagreed with this and therefore did not launch it.

Your leader and your marketing manager then sent a very rude message asking for payment. We notified you about the jersey issue and that payment will be on the way as there was a transition. Your marketing manager then sent a very rude message saying that he would like to stop all cooperation with TRON.

We then agreed, since we felt that over the course of the dialogue that the team or those who are managing it were more about trying to schill their own already made token for their own profitability rather than trying to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to the e-sports community.

You then sent us an e-mail, and we replied that as both parties have agreed to terminate the cooperation that we will be sending you a termination letter. You then lied about never saying you wanted to stop the cooperation.

We apologize for not sending the termination letter earlier. We also thank you for removing chat history to make your fictional case. All in all, we thank you for sending out the story for us to fill in the blanks.

We wish you the best of luck in your future competitions, and we hope that one day you will realize the real benefits of blockchain for the e-sports industry, and that blockchain and crypto are not for you to manipulate and make a quick buck.

And this is our final feedback to this matter.

Team WINk

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WINk is a gaming platform for users to play, socialize, and stake across multiple blockchain ecosystems.

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